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(The videos below are from other experts in the field of Real Estate – none of the videos below were made by Tampa Cash Buyers)

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Ted Talks – A great forum for short talks by experts in their field of work


The real estate deal that could change the future of everything:  Ben Miller at TEDxMidAtlantic

Theaster Gates:   How to revive a neighborhood with imagination beauty and art

Sarah Murray:   A playful solution to the housing crisis

Charmian Gooch:  Whats one popular way for criminals to launder money? Real Estate

Cameron Sinclair:  The unreported cost of real estate megaprojects gone bust


Barbara Cochran – From the ‘Shark Tank’

Real Estate Tips

All in a New York Minute

How to Sell Your House FAST


Donald Trump – Before he became the President of the United States

Donald Trump Real Estate Advice, Tips & Thoughts on the Economy

Donald Trump & Robert Kiyosaki – Success Tips, Debt and Real Estate

Donald Trump and Steve Forbes discuss commercial real estate and some of the aspects to look for in a potential buy

Ellen Degeneres – (A fun video by Ellen)

Ellen’s Got Real Estate Tips


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