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3 Situations That Can Stall the Sale of Your House in Tampa

Delays with closing on the sale of your house can be costly both emotionally and financially. The gears of a real estate deal don’t always shift into the next phase of the process smoothly. It can be frustrating to believe your closing date is near, only to learn that everything is on hold because of an issue that could have been avoided. 

These delays only add to the pile of work to update all of the paperwork with the correct payoff amount based on the new date. From buyers who unwittingly destroy the credit that qualified them for their loan to problems with the title, delays in the closing can be costly and may mean the loss of the sale altogether. 

Whether you are selling or buying a home, it can be helpful to understand how these difficulties could stall the sale of a house and what action you can take to avoid them. So read on as we explore three situations that can stall the sale of your house in Tampa. 


A professional appraisal assesses the size and any features that add or detract from the property’s value, such as condition, number of bedrooms, closets, location, etc. Because the current market controls home values, an assessment of comparable properties, known as a comp, can also affect the outcome of the appraisal. Problems with the appraisal coming in lower than the sale price can stall the sale of your house in Tampa. If you are concerned about your home appraising, a direct sale to professional local buyers like those at Tampa Cash Buyers is your answer. With our full-service in-house team of industry specialists to handle everything, we make the process as quick and easy as ABC at Tampa Cash Buyers. So that you can make an educated decision about which sales method is best for you, the professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers will lay out all the numbers for you to easily compare what you could profit from a traditional listing vs. a direct sale. If your professional buyer from Tampa Cash Buyers believes you would fare better on the market, they’ll say so. And, as a bonus, unlike a real estate agent, the professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers never charge commissions, and there are never any surprise fees to deplete your profits at closing.

Unrealistic Deadlines

Conventional closings typically take between 45 and 60 days. Another situation that can stall the sale of your house in Tampa is a preset date for the closing that doesn’t allow enough time for complications. Problems often arise when buyers go through their loan approval process, leaving sellers holding the proverbial bag and paying the holding costs for the property as time passes. Professional buyers like those at Tampa Cash Buyers make it easy for sellers by providing a guaranteed closing date, often within a matter of days. In addition, the professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers will not be moving in, so we can work with you to set the most convenient date for closing. Another added perk of making a direct sale to professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers is that you won’t even pay any closing costs; the amount of our offer is the exact amount of cash you will receive.


Buyers often add contingencies to contracts for the completion of repairs and may also cover the appraisal, closing on the sale of their own property, or loan approval. There is potential for something to go wrong as everyone works towards resolving contingencies, like discovering another problem with the house during the repair process. These situations can also stall the sale of your house in Tampa. Selling directly to professional buyers like those at Tampa Cash Buyers eliminates contingencies. The professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers buy houses in as-is condition, so there’s no need to spend another restless night worrying about passing the inspection. At Tampa Cash Buyers, we are your neighbors here in Tampa, and we are proud of our work which is why we have a policy of total transparency; we present you with all of the facts because we want you to agree that our offer is fair. At Tampa Cash Buyers, it is important to us that you feel good about working with us long after you have left the closing table.

The professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers understand the situations that can stall the sale of your house in Tampa; they and their team have the solutions that sellers need to make the process stress free. So whether you are one of the many sellers who simply want to avoid the nightmare of showings or are under time or financial constraints and need to sell fast, a direct sale to a professional buyer at Tampa Cash Buyers makes it simple. So why not talk to one of the professional buyers at Tampa Cash Buyers today without any obligation and find out how we can help solve your house-selling troubles easily?

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